Digital experiences
for events

ScreenUp allows you to easily create premium screen contents for Arena and Stadium, and/or mobile devices, to offer a unique experience to your fans.

Our three ways to
engage fans

Live Mobile Games
Live Mobile Games

Immerse your fans in mobile games that bring the event to their fingertips, offering a range from thrilling betting games to challenging predictions and exciting scratch cards, and much more.

Live Games
Live Games

Allow your fans to dive in and play, whether it's from the field or the stands, interacting with the event screens and making every moment meaningful. They will be able to enjoy classic games like Tic-tac-toe, the Fortune Wheel, our cams, and much more.

Global Games
Global Games

Fans worldwide can join the action by scanning the QR code on their TV or via YouTube while watching the game. Our games transcend geographical boundaries, enabling participation via smartphones, making excitement accessible to all.

Boost your fan engagement

Today's fans seek more than simply attending an event. Acknowledging the desire of sports fans to form a deep bond with their favorite teams and athletes, we have a wide offer of innovative, fun, and engaging experiences through a SaaS platform to connect fans with the sports they are passionate about.

- More than 65 ready-to-use modules/games.
- Fixtures, live results, and more, can be integrated in real-time via API.
- A new idea? Let's create it together!

Our Features

100% customizable

We value the importance of complete personalization. With ScreenUp, you have the power to make your content truly yours.

- Personalizable colors and backgrounds to match your brand's identity
- Dedicated spaces for your sponsors' logos
- Multi-language support to communicate in your fans' preferred languages
- Choose games that resonate with your fan base

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Monetize fan engagement

Data is more than just numbers; it's a valuable resource. We collect fan data through customizable sign-up forms and track game usage. This approach provides insights into fan preferences and game engagement, enabling you to monetize fan engagement and enhance brand partnerships.

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